We provide integrated, online shipping solutions for businesses
across North America. Our solutions help businesses automate
their shipping processes, thereby reducing processing times.

Shipping Solutions for:


Fully-integrated online pickup, tracking and tracing solutions for your website. Empower your customers with the ability to generate shipping documents on-the-fly, track, trace and obtain proof of delivery - all from one single web interface.


Automate order processing with our multi-carrier shopping-cart integrations. Generate shipping labels, track shipments and sen notifications to clients - all within your native shopping cart system. Presently supporting CS-Cart and Magento.


Leverage our RESTful API. Instantly provide your user-base with mutli-carrier shipping capabilities - directly within your application. We'll keep up to date with carrier-specific integration manuals and future updates to their APIs.

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Carriers we integrate with

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For e-tailers:

Example: Generate shipping lables within your e-commerce software.

generate shipping lable example

For developers

Example: Get carrier-specific shipping rates via our XML API.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>

            <shipper>Jtec Distribution</shipper>
            <address1>500 Boundary Rd.</address1>
            <contact>Calvin Morrow</contact>
            <address1>123 New York Ave.</address1>
            <city>New York</city>

Shipping Solutions for Logistics, E-Commerce, and Developers.
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